Goodwin Overview

The GOODWIN brandname distinguishes an entire family of business and WLL telecommunication systems and respective equipment, corded and cordless telephones, as well as other electronic devices supplied to the Russian and CIS markets by the GOODWIN Group. The technological superiority in the GOODWIN product range lies with the world-wide DECT standard (Digital Enchanced Cordless Telecommunications). From product conception through design, manufacture and sale, the quality of the entire product cycle is underwritten by the companies that form the GOODWIN Group.

Since its foundation in 1997 GOODWIN Group has been one of the leaders of domestic market of wireless telecommunications.

Group Structure
Incorporated in GOODWIN Group companies engaged in design and engineering, manufacture, marketing and sales. GOODWIN Group activity is managed by CJSC «Concern Goodwin (Goodwin Europe)» which represents the Group in the DECT Forum, the international organization of DECT manufacturers and telecom operators (Associated Member).

 Nowadays the Group consists of 4 companies:
  • CJSC «Concern Goodwin (Goodwin Europe)" which suggests wide range of WLL and business subscriber radio access solutions,
  • LLC «LART-M", specialized on consumer electronics with trade names GOODWIN and LART,
  • CJSC «ERRY +", hi-tech production of DECT and other electronic equipment for GOODIN Group companies, also offers SMD service on demand,
  • CJSC «Goodwin +», research and development.

Group branches are established in the Ukraine and Kazakstan.

Products and Solutions
The GOODWIN family of products covers a variety of telecommunications base and subscriber equipment:
  • DECT WLL (Wireless Local Loop) systems for fixed radio access operational in rural, urban and remote areas
  • DECT multicell business communications systems of common,  enterprise and special — explosion-proof and encrypted — execution
  • cryptographic telephone user stations of GSM and DECT standards, which provide guaranteed speech encryption
  • Multifunctional corded CID telephones and a range of electronic devices for home and office use.

The secret of production competitiveness is world level quality and high reliability confirmed by prestige national and international awards. Thus, the «Goodwin Borodino» WLL system and the «Goodwin Taroussa C8D» CTA were recognized as «the best product» in the «Decisions and User Access Equipment» category at the International «Sviaz-Expocomm» exhibition in 2002 and 2006. «Goodwin-Europe» received a certificate from the Communication Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) «For development and introduction in communication networks of DECT-Standard WLL systems» (2002). The «Goodwin Lund» DECT-phone emerged as the winner of the National «Russian Trademark» (The Gold quality symbol) competition and the winner of the All-Russia «100 best goods of Russia» competition.

R&D and  Production 

All of GOODWIN products, which are delivered to the Russian and CIS markets, are developed, designed and made in Russia, representing state-of-the-art technologies. The Group’s engineering and design experts are armed with the best and most advanced development tools and facilities and control the overall development process — electronic and housing design, software programming, and manufacture supervising.

Research and technology laboratory has about 30 professional programmers, specialists in electrical design, constructors, configurators of multilayer board. Professional skills of our programmers can be estimated by the fact, that our specialists were invited to international working groups, who worked on improvement of DECT standard under supervisory responsibility of European Telecommunication Standardization Institute (ETSI).

GOODWIN manufacturing operations benefit from automated SMD lines and testing stands supplied by major industry leaders such as Philips, Rohde & Schwarz, Hewlett-Packard, Marconi, Bruel and Kjaer. High-tech production is situated in one of the industrial areas of Moscow. The Philips surface mounting equipment has the production output of 35 thousand soldering points an hour, the system of automated visual inspection, microchip (BGA-type) framework insertion capability (applied on the base-coat for soldering with contact balls of very little diameter instead of traditional tenons). Testing systems, monitoring equipment from leading companies of the world, qualified personnel became pre-condition for manufacture to get the quality certificate ISO 9001-2001.

The GOODWIN trademark is respected throughout Russia and the CIS countries.  At present times GOODWIN has several hundreds of customers, essential number of which are regular. Loyalty of a customer is an important component of business, and significant efforts of marketing and commercial services of the firm are devoted to this. Customers are different for various kinds of our products. So, for subscriber radio access system “Borodino” they are first-rate traditional and alternative communication operators in Russia, Ukraine, Kirghizia, Moldova, Kazakstan — more than 130, among which are “Svyazinvest” holding company, UkrTelecom, KazakhTelecom.

GOODWIN multicell DECT communications systems of common and specialized use successfully work on more than 150 objects among which can be named spaceport Baikonur, mines of Kuzbas, Norilskiy Nickel, enterprises of Almasy Rossii, Central staff of the RF Department of Justice, the first-rate Moscow hospitals, etc.

Customers of final user equipment (telephone and audio sets, etc.) are leading federal and Moscow trade networks (Euroset, Technosila, Svyaznoy, MIR, M-Video, etc.)

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